How to name channels/tracks in my *.wav files in Python?

I am creating and writing *.wav files using the wavefile Python package (source code on Github here). When I open these files in Audacity and display the track/channel names, they have default names of the format {filename} 1, {filename} 2, {filename} 3,… and so on. Is there a way to customize these names in Python using the wavefile module, or any other module such that Audacity shows those names?

Just change the name of the file that you are writing. If you write the file as “my example.wav”, then when you import it into Audacity it will create a track called “my example”.

If you need help using the ‘wavefile’ Python package, you could try asking the author of that package, or one of these forums:

Sorry that doesn’t answer my question. I’m looking to edit the channel names, not the file name.

Audacity uses the file name as the name of the track.

Is there not a way to edit the WAV file in such a way that Audacity reads those custom channel names?

WAV files don’t have channel names.