How to mute tablet speakers!

I’m recording a playlist from an Android tablet onto Audacity running on Linux Mint OS.

When using my previous soundcard, recording onto Audacity on a Windows PC, the tablet speakers were muted once the jack was plugged in. Adjusting the tablet volume set the recording level in Audacity, which worked fine for my needs, but I couldn’t hear the playback through the tablet speakers.

With my new set up, the tablet speakers are blasting out at volume with the jack in and recording onto Audacity. Turning the tablet speakers down just reduces the recording volume. Is there a way I can mute the tablet speakers while transferring my playlist into Audacity? Thanks!

I think you will need to refer to the tablet’s manual /documentation.

Searching the internet on “how to mute speakers on Android tablet while listening on headphones” will show any number of solutions.