How to move several tracks up/down? (ordering)

This is my first thread. I’m not sure if this is the right category because I think it happens on all platforms, not just Linux, but I might be wrong.

When ordering tracks, how do you move several tracks up or down at the same time? if I select several tracks and then menu>move track up/down/to top/to bottom, only the track in the top moves. The other selected tracks stay in the same place. Dragging with the mouse doesn’t work either: as soon as click on one of the selected tracks the others become unselected and only the first one ends up moving. What’s the right way of doing this? How would you do it? is it not possible? I think this would be very helpful when working with many tracks.

Maybe there are other ways of organizing tracks I don’t know of, but otherwise I’d like to suggest “Move selected tracks up/down/to Top/to Bottom” menu entries or something like that.

I saw you added “Move Track to Top/Bottom” not too long ago (which was great), so maybe you’re working on this already? If by chancce this feature has been added in version 2.1.1 please forgive me and feel free to delete the thread.

Thank you

Currently you can only move one track at a time, but there are already menu commands for moving tracks “up / down / to top / to bottom” in the track dropdown menu (see: Audacity Manual)

One of the quickest ways to access that menu is with the “Menu key” (Menu key - Wikipedia)
Note that there are also keyboard shortcuts for the menu commands (example: “U” to move the track up).

In Audacity 2.1.1, you can assign your own shortcuts (preferences) for the four move commands, e.g. Ctrl+up to move a track up one step.
The corresponding command would be “Move focused track up”, thus, you could enter “move” in the search box to find the commands quicker.