How to move from one labelled track to another

I am a new user of Audacity and have version 3.0.4 which is run in Windows 7. It’s great software, but one thing eludes me: having added labels where I want to split tracks for export, before exporting I want to check what the start of each labelled track sounds like. The only way I have found to “quickly” move the grey triangle marker from the start of one labelled track to the next in order to then begin playback at that point, is to mouse click into the label’s text box as though I am about to revise that text, then his ESC to de-select the label text box. While that does then leave the grey triangle marker positioned at the start of that labelled track, doing this is really fiddly. Is there a simpler way to skip from the start of one labelled track to the next, such as a keyboard shortcut, a button somewhere, etc? I can’t find anything in the manual about this.

Many thanks,

  1. Click in the first label (label text is open for editing)
  2. “Enter” (closes the label from editing)
  3. “Space” (start play)
  4. “Space” (stop play)
  5. “Tab” (move to next label - label text is open for editing)
  6. “Enter” (closes the label from editing)
  7. “Space” (start play)
  8. “Space” (stop play)

Hi Steve.

Thanks loads - that’s just what I needed, simple and quick. I also just found that if the lower area showing all the labels is active/selected (it has the yellow border around it), using the Tab key moves from one track to the next as well. Since using the Up- and Down-arrows enables moving between having that lower area active/selected and the upper area with the waveforms in it, there is a “keyboard only” mouse-free way to do all the things I need to. Audacity is really good!


Tip: The manual refers to that as the track having “focus”.