How to move audio by 18528 samples precisely?

Hi all. I’m really confused with the latest Audacity version.

I have an audio block that I need to move to the left by 18528 samples exactly.

With previous Audacity versions that was easy:

  • I selected 18528 samples of silence before the audio block
  • I erased them (Del) and the audio block was automatically shifted to the left

With Audacity 3.4.2, the same method has no effect: the audio block stays exactly at the same place. I don’t understand why.

How can I achieve the wanted result? Thank you.

You need to enable “Editing a clip can move other clips” in Preferences → Track behaviors

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Thanks, that’s a perfect reply :slight_smile:
I wonder why it isn’t enabled by default. Anyway, thank you.

If I can make a suggestion for the future, you could add this behaviour:

  • Right click on the top part of an audio block (where the new “hand” that replaces the old time shift tool appears). A context menu opens.
  • Select “Move audio”. A small dialog opens.
  • Type a time interval (either positive or negative) in hh:mm:ss:sample format)
    => the selected audio is moved by the corresponding time interval

It was, for about 20 years. Muse group (Ultimate guitar / MuseScore) acquired Audacity a couple of years ago and decided that it should be off by default. My guess is that the decision is related to plans to turn Audacity into a more GarageBand-like app.