How to mix multiple mono tracks into one mono track?

Simple, or so I thought.

I have this:

I simply want these four tracks to mix to one mono track.

Every single thing I try in Audacity will mix these into some strange stereo track:

I have no idea how or what it’s deciding to use for the left and right channels. But I don’t even want this. I just want a mono track.

Is this possible, or not?

See that top track over on the info panel isn’t Mono. It’s Left. So you’re really mixing two different identities of track and the system has no other alternative but to make stereo.

So. When you fix that, you can Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render to a New Track. this will leave all the tracks alone but give you a new mono-mix track.

I think you can fix that Left thing with the menus on the left hand side. I know how to make a track like that, but not how to fix it…

Try select that track and the one underneath it and drop-down > Make Stereo Track. Then Split Stereo to Mono. There has to be a faster way but I don’t remember it.



I couldn’t figure out how to change the “left” track to “mono,” so I made a new mono track, copied the “left” track to the mono track, deleted the “left” track, then I can mix to mono.


Right. An orphan Left track is an odd condition. There’s nowhere useful to go with that, and I suspect that’s why there are no handy tools to fix it.

Don’t forget to select that mix track and File > Export > Export Selected Audio. If you don’t do that, Export will try to mix everything on the screen.

That’s the other way to do what you want, but you can’t see or control what happens after the mix.