How to mite silent part of an audio?

Hello everybody!

I cannot find how can I mute almost silent parts of my audio. So basically I need to detect silent parts - just like what Truncate silence does - but instead of removing those parts, make them silent.

This is how my audio looks:

(Sorry I have no idea why (img) doesn’t work…

This audio is a lesson. On the background I hear some echo of what the narrator have just said. So I cannot get a sample - it’s always unique. Also, I need this for a batch and so I cannot take samples from every file anyway.

Any ideas?

Drag-select the image address after you place it and then click the “mountain scene” button. Make sure it’s a good size after you do that. Sometimes if the picture is huge, it’s better to leave it as an address.

There is no automatically removing sound that constantly changes. One of the guaranteed ways to kill a show is leave the TV on in the background.

If the show sound doesn’t have to be Academy Award ready, you can sometimes get Noise Gate to help. You can set noise gate to mute sound below a certain volume. That’s less handy than you think it should be.


Ah, I saw people mentioned Noise Gate before but I couldn’t find it in the UI, while it was a third-party plug-in.
I tried it and it worked, thank you Koz!