How to match voice using Audacity

Hey guys.

Totally new to this. Just downloaded Audacity for Mac. I wanted to know if its possible to match a voice pattern. For example, I have a sample voice pattern in MP3, how could I record my own voice, and then make it sound as close to possible as the recorded MP3 voice?




It’s a great Feature Request for a future product.

There is a cousin request. Right now there is no relationship between Analyze > Spectrum Analyzer and Effect > Equalizer. That’s another ‘make this one like that one’ tool.

Most people who ask that question want to sound like Don Lafontaine or Cris Collingsworth. Software can’t do expression, rhythm, swing, projection, and interp. At best it might make your voice lower and it doesn’t always do a particularly good job of that. If you go too far, it makes you sound like you’ve been hitting the bottle.

There is a production guy at work that has a beautiful, deep ballsy voice and absolutely no expression. He sounds like a male valley girl with flat expressionless speech.

Effect > Change Pitch and see how far you can go.


Is it implemented now in the latest version of Audacity?

No, but see: