How to match voice recordings from different days?

Hi there,

I’m really new to audacity and recording in general, but I’m just recording my voice for a podcast.

The problem I’m having is, if I record something and I want to insert something extra the voice clips sound different if they are recorded on different days. This is despite the fact I’m using the same mic and am in the same room.

Please tell me there’s some function on audacity that can match sound levels.

I don’t know why they sound different but if I add in a recording from a different session the part that is edited in is really obvious.

Thanks for any help you can give in this area.

Please tell me there’s some function on audacity that can match sound levels.

Maybe volume, but not quality. Sometimes a performer will make a mistake and repeat the corrected performance immediately so as not to lose the pitch, rhythm and character of the voice. Go in later and cut out the bad parts—not go in later and add new ones.

Even the grownups would have trouble doing what you’re doing.

You can insert the correction and while it’s selected, Effect > Amplify manually one or two dB as a time until you get close to a match.

But you should make sure you don’t have help. Did you turn off all the Windows voice processing? I know you don’t have this problem, but those tools are messing with your voice.

And speaking of messing with your voice. Do you use Skype or any of the other chat, conferencing or collaboration programs? They all mess with your Windows sound channels and you can’t stop them, other than not using them on your vocal computer.