How to master regular high quality tracks for vinyl?

For you to publish an album in vinyl you first need to have the tracks in a vinyl-supported mix. So normally if you just put your tracks in vinyl it would sound awful and the grooves would be too thick, you first need a mix done.
Is there any way to make this mix in audacity, one that could be sent for vinyl production?
EDIT: This is not spam, I don’t wanna advertise anything. Just wanna know how to do this.
EDIT 2: I don’t find a way. Please help.

I’d check with the record cutting company… They probably have a list of requirements and maybe a FAQ. I’m pretty sure they’ll do some automatic checking, adjust the level, and sometimes their own minor additional mastering/tweaking. They don’t want to make a bad record.

From what I’ve read most vinyl is cut from the same master as the digital version. (1) Except the bass usually mixed to mono (if it’s not already) and the low-bass and highest-highs might be filtered-out or reduced.

(1) A lot of people think it’s different because the record cutting & playback process changes the wave shape and often increases the apparent dynamics… Some peaks come-out higher and some come-out lower, giving a “better” dynamic range measurement/calculation without changing the sound of the dynamics. Something similar happens when you make an MP3.

A vinyl version can also have the illusion of having a wider stereo image, because of the added stereo hiss. But again, this can be added digitally.