How to make Zwicker tone subliminal?

In case some of you don’t know what a zwicker tone is, it is audio equivalent of visual after image.

For example, if you look at a bright bulb for few seconds, then you close your eyes and keep them closed, you’ll notice a glowing blob in the shape of the bulb, this is called visual after image.

Zwicker tone is similar to this, except this is for hearing. In zwicker tone, a white noise is spectrally subtracted with a frequency range, you might know white noise occupies entire human hearing frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz, in this, a person might remove 1000Hz or 1KHz bandwidth, so we have white noise from 20Hz to 999Hz and then from 2000Hz till 20KHz, there is complete silence in 1000Hz range, so when a person is made to hear this white noise with 1000Hz gap for few seconds. After they have stopped listening to it, their brain will hear the frequency of the gap, which is 1000Hz, a phantom noise.

I want to know how to make a subliminal which takes of advantage of aural after image, like I know how to generate a white noise in Audacity, how do I subtract a word’s or phrase’s frequency range from this white noise. I’m wondering if it will make me hear the word or think of the word after a few seconds of hearing this spectrally subtracted white noise.

That’s do-able, e.g. with Kn0ck0ut
before-after speech spectrally subtracted from noise.png

Zwicker tone takes several seconds to kick-in, and several seconds to wear-off
That’s waaay too slow to produce speech.

It says it is a plug-in for VST, how do I make it work with Audacity.

It is possible to do this with a pure sine wave tone?

Audacity’s Notch filter will suffice if you just want to remove a constant tone from noise,
(make q >50 for a narrow notch).
spectral delete is another way of doing something similar.

Can Sine Wave tone also be spectrally subtracted with word’s or phrase’s frequency range?

Yes, this example of removing a constant whistle is a visual example of that …
The spectral tools , or notch filter from effects menu, menu can do it.

I have heard of this being used as a treatment for tinnitus,
but the jury is still out …