how to make your voice as calming and soothing

hi there i’m audacity 2.1…2 audacity, and what effect will allow me to make voice sound calming and soothing?

I don’t think there is such an effect. Are you trying to produce something for hypnosis?

That’s acting or performing, not a filter or effect. It’s a cousin to “make me sound like an announcer.” In most cases, that’s a person acting like an announcer.


even the peaks with the envelope tool bringing down the too loud ones

  • then check the spectrum, forget where it is, and look, it may need bass (although I’ve yet to know anything by spectrum readout alone–I keep trying though), if so use that effect (bass/treble), or EQ.
  • radio/tv people like to bass their voices up to make them sound more calming/soothing. Personally I like as genuine as possible without altering anymore than necessary - so that means record the way you want it to start.