How to make work waves plugins?

I would like to use waves plugins with audacity. I made differents attempts to make them work. Copying them in the plugins folder of audacity doesnt help: in fact they are loaded but not listed in the effect menu (checking "rescan vst… in the preference menu). Defining a path to the plugin folder of the waves directory in the registry doesnt help either. I also copied vst-bridge.dll in the plugin folder of audacity. It has no effect. I dont have much time left to master my vinyl disks so any help would be greatly appreciated.

The VST Bridge has no effect in 1.3. You have to restart Audacity to make new plug-ins visible, as well as setting a rescan in Preferences.

If that does not help, try exiting Audacity and deleting plugins.cfg in the Audacity data folder, so Audacity does a complete rescan. The Audacity data folder is found at:

  • Windows 98/ME: WindowsApplication DataAudacity
  • Windows 2000/XP: Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacity
  • Windows Vista and 7: UsersAppDataRoamingAudacity


This does not help… There are always the same built-in plugins displayed in the effect menu although they are loaded at startup. Is there another way to execute them without the effect menu? Is it possible to execute directx plugins?

You have to go into “setup” and check “rescan vst folder”. Provided that we’re talking about vst plugins. It boggles my mind that you have money for waves plugins, yet none for a decent DAW though.


Yes, you can run DirectX in Audacity. You will need a DX->Vst wrapper though:

Free Ones:

You open it up like an effect, but then load the DirectX (DX) plugin into it. Works like a charm.


I see the Waves plugins when Audacity starts up but are not visible when I open Effects. I have tried all of teh suggestions I have located in/on Audacity with no fix. Suggestions please.

I need the Waves Restoration plugins urgently.



What format are these plug-ins? TDM?

Audacity supports LADSPA, Nyquist, and VST plug-ins. But of course, most companies that sell VST plug-ins don’t test, debug, or certify that their plug-ins work in Audacity, since most people who buy expensive plug-ins don’t use a free audio editor… :wink:

You’ll probably need to get a different host program that Waves officially supports (Pro Tools?), or maybe you can exchange the plug-in for the native (stand-alone) version.

The Waves plugins I loaded are native with DirectX and VST plugins on board.

Anyone have a secret tip on this?


Waves v7 and higher Audio Unit plug-ins don’t work with Audacity on Mac, so VST versions may not work with Audacity on Windows.

Does plugins.cfg in your Audacity folder for application data list the Waves plug-ins? If not, Audacity has probably scanned them and decided they are incompatible.