How to make voice louder than music?

I tried searching the title, but I don’t think I have the right keywords for the search.

I have music. I recorded the singing over the music, but the singing is the same level as the music. The singing doesn’t stand out.

The only way I know how to explain it is I need to make the singing louder than the music. Please, where do I find directions for that? Video is best, but written are fine.
What do I search for?

Thank you.

Oh dear.

This is the reason that instruments (including vocals) are “tracked” separatly, so if the mix is crap you can remix a better version from the individual instruments.

If you’re past that stage and don’t have the individual instruments sitting on their own tracks for a new mix, there’s not a lot you can do.

If it were me, I’d look at two ideas:

  1. playing around with boosting EQ in voice frequencies to try and make the vocal stand out - the trouble is the voice is also in the same frequency range of guitars, pianos and parts of drums, and you’d be boosting them too. This is - sort-of - what Mastering Engineers do after a mix to improve a mix before releasing the song on a CD, etc.

  2. make a copy of your recording and see if you can find a “Vocal Isolator” plugin - I just had a look at the list of Nyquest plugins and couldn’t see one. This would work the opposite way of “Karaoke” plugins (which would remove the vocal) - what you’re looking for is to remove the instruments, leaving behind only the vocals. Then it would just be a case of mixing in a small amount of the vocal-isolated track to the origional recording.

I’d really like to know what vocal isolator tool they used on this Michael Jackson song:

Good luck

Looks like this “vocal isolation” is a poplular thing to do

Remember, you’re just trying to get a copy that has more vocal in it to mix with the original to bring the vocal out in the final mix a little bit more.

Hmm. The only application which MIGHT allow you to level out the individual parts in the completed mix is Hit’n’Mix. It allows you to change the volume of the detected notes (note: It mis-detects the instruments like crazy, so you’ll have to re-assign the notes to the correct instruments). I’ve used it to even out mixes, and even pan the instruments on old mono tracks so they’re in stereo! They have a free version which allows up to 45 seconds of audio to be processed and you can test all of the editing features and export the results, or you can buy a license key for USD $50 to process up to 10 minutes of audio (64 bit OS) or 6 minutes (32 bit). If you have a weak computer, then I suggest you don’t even try this, since it’s pretty intense on processing power.