How to make TTS voice better using audacity!

I know it is not an easy to answer question and even not easy to make (may be relatively impossible ) … and it depends on the voice at first ! and it is free or paid! etc

But how to make TTS voice better more normal using audacity In the voice commentary on videos such as politics etc i know it can not be 100% normal especially the free ones ! but are there tips like low and high in voice etc ???! or some effects or advice using TTS softwares?!

You should not use abbreviations in questions.

Poor Text to Speech voices have missing tones, inflection and expression. It’s the same problem of people wanting Audacity to make normal voices sound like a professional announcer. We can’t do either one.


first what abbreviations in my question! i did not focus on that any way what is important !is next.

second when and where i said "i want audacity like ‘’‘magic one click do every thing’‘’,like what you called “people” ,!-

third read my first lines I deliberately put the note above the question because I want the reader before knowing the topic of the question to understand what the realism and how possible the answer of the question **the aim is to get advice or tip of Experience, you know like i just discovered that playing
with the level and kind of the voice in some parts with effects and may pitch may make a little different like a mix , an attempt …

so experience with mind , can solve many things with less use of tool or at least gives an opportunity for that , and if you ask what you will lose ! .**

thanks "

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Probably a fair bet that you mean text to speech, so I shall assume that is the case.
but which text to speech? Nemo? Lyrebird? Google Cloud Text-to-Speech? Alexa? …
and which text to speech technology? concatenative synthesis? formant synthesis? Diphone synthesis? HMM-based synthesis?..

Most forms of text to speech that one is likely to encounter, have already undergone thousands of hours of development time, so there is little likelihood of there being a simple processing technique to improve the naturalness or intelligibility that isn’t already used by the TTS algorithm.

If you do find some technique that improves the naturalness or intelligibility of a modern, high quality speech synthesizer, then I’m sure that the developers of that speech synthesizer will be extremely interested in hearing from you.

You may find some “special case tweaks” that improve specific words from a specific speech synthesizer that is using a specific voice. For example, you may have a recording in which the “s” is too hissy in one particular word, and a little low pass filtering may improve it. Or perhaps the “e” sound in the word “beetle” sounds a bit clipped and can benefit from a slight tempo stretch. I doubt that you will find any general technique “to make TTS voice more normal using audacity In the voice commentary on videos such as politics etc.”

1- for the point of abbreviations i did not focus on that when i typed it ,or think that any one will comment on that beside i think the question text box has limit characters,( it can be explained in the full topic text ) , no problem i will consider that next time.

2- thanks ! as i said when i put an question need a wide answer i put a note on it ,so who read it know how realism and possible is it and the answer depends on Experience , tips things not direct by the tool …

so no problem .