how to make the music resonate with your self

hi there, is there any way i can the music rasonate with me and what harmonics should i use with 430.65 and 518 pitch and witch fundamental frequencies should i use with? how do i calcaulator this freq’s of fundamentals for the eq?

Listen to lots of music. You will know when the music resonates with you because you will feel it. Forget about specific frequencies, they are irrelevant.

hi there, is there any way i can the music rasonate with me and what harmonics should i use with 430.65 and 518 pitch and witch fundamental frequencies should i use with?

I don’t know what that means but of course with equalization you can boost (or attenuate) those approximate frequencies.

(You can probably find a parametric equalizer plug-in that will allow you to type-in the precise center frequency.)

Harmonics are multiples so the 2nd harmonic of 430.65 is 861.30Hz, and the 3rd harmonic is 1291.95Hz, etc.

You can also use the Generate feature to generate constant pure tones (sine waves) or square/sawtooth waves, which contain harmonics, at the frequency of your choice. Or, you can generate white or pink noise and EQ it to emphasize the frequencies of your choice.

Of course if you EQ “random” frequencies like that you are going to change the sound (probably in an undesirable way) and if you make big EQ changes you’ll REALLY mess up the sound.

Some people like to pitch-shift from the modern A=440Hz tuning to A=432Hz. You can do that with the Pitch Shift effect (which doesn’t change the tempo) or you can do it with the Change Speed effect (after calculating the percentage change you want).

A=440Hz is just a tuning standard so that musicians can play together in-tune. (A-flat is 415.30Hz and A-sharp is 466.16hz.) There’s not necessarily a 440Hz ‘A’ in every piece of music. Some instruments (i.e. horns) can’t be re-tuned and it’s very time-consuming to re-tune a piano.

If you pitch-shift (either method) everything is shifted by the same relative amount (the same percentage) so the harmonics & overtones shift too.

Resonance is an important part of music production. Without resonance we wouldn’t have music. When you pluck a guitar string it resonates and generates a note. When you pluck a different string or move your fingers on the fretboard, it resonates at a different frequency and it generates a different note.

However, when it comes to music/audio reproduction, resonance is generally considered a BAD THING. i.e. Your speaker shouldn’t resonate… It should accurately convert electrical signals to sound, accurately reproducing any resonances (and all other sound) in the recording without actually resonating itself. If you made a speaker out of a violin or a drum, it would sound terrible.

just which effect plugin do you mean by generate constant pure tones?

generate tone (sine-wave).

There are pitch-tracking-plugins, they generate a tone, which follows the pitch of singing …

The “Tone” generator (see:

You can also generate pure tones (sine tones) by typing commands into the “Nyquist Prompt” effect (see:
For example, to create two tones simultaneously at 438Hz and 442Hz, you could enter something like this:

(mult 0.4 (sum (hzosc 438)(hzosc 442)))

To make it a bit more interesting, you could apply an amplitude envelope like this:

;type generate
(setf duration 2.5)
(setf envelope (pwlv 0 0.01 0.8 0.2 0.5 duration 0))
(setf tone (stretch duration (mult 0.4 (sum (hzosc 438)(hzosc 442)))))
(mult envelope tone)

Taking it a bit further you could create a sequence of tones:

;type generate

(defun note (hz dur)
  (let ((env (pwlv 0 0.01 0.8 0.2 0.5 dur 0))
        (tone (stretch dur
                (mult 0.4 (sum (hzosc (+ hz 2))(hzosc (- hz 2)))))))
    (mult env tone)))

(setf music (list 261.63 2
                  392.00 1
                  349.23 1
                  246.94 1.5
                  261.63 2.5))
(seqrep (i 5) (note (nth (* i 2) music) (nth (1+ (* i 2)) music)))

steve what i’m talking is the effect like the eq but generate pure tone that has to do with music that i already have created. not to generate a whole new tone separately for a new track. just a consante effect plugin for up to 20 band frequencies as a effect.

i say boosting is what i just needed to resonated with me. so thanks anyway:)