How to make surround sound?

Hello, is there a way to make something sound as if it’s coming from all directions? I’m still a bit new to how this program works…

Thank you.

Assuming this is from media that is currently only stereo, try: .

One important point not mentioned there is that to export multi-channel files from Audacity you need to enable “Use custom mix” in the Import / Export Preferences.

If you want to export in AC3 format, you need to install the optional FFmpeg library: .


If you have a stereo source (CD or MP3, etc) the best solution is usually to use a Dolby Pro Logic II “soundfield” setting on your Pro Logic II receiver or soundcard. Some 5.1 channel soundcards come with similar (non-Dolby) options. Besides saving you the trouble of re-editing your mono or 2-channel stereo files into 5.1, it usually works better.

If you are making a true 5.1 channel mix, you normally start with a multi-track recording (with separate tracks for each voice, instrument, and sound) and then you mix-down to 6 channels instead of the usual 2.