How to make sound like a very low quality meme?

Hi. I would want to make a sound that sounds similar to Mom get the camera meme. I don’t know how to make it in Audacity, so any help would be welcome.
Audacity version: 3.0.2

Dynamic range compression (with make-up gain), for shoutyness,
then BitCrush for computeryness.

You know how to make a high quality “studio” recording - Don’t do any of that.

What should the compressor be adjusted?

On second thoughts there is simpler way than hard compression: hard overdrive distortion, (then bitcrush) …
How-2 meme quality audio.gif

[ * can also bitcrush then overdrive, the result is even more lo-fi ]

There’s also a Nyquist plug-in Bit-crusher effect here:

What should the Project Rate be?

If you want it to sound a bit muffled like a cheap dictaphone, try 8000.
If you don’t want it to sound muffled, leave it at 44100.