How to make regular sounds into ASMR?

Let’s say I’m recording GTA V. But I want to make everything sound in ASMR style - soft, consistent, no sudden volume change, make everything like a whisper :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

Make a second recording.
Even then, autonomous sensory meridian response is subjective, so regardless of what your “ASMR style” recording is like, the majority of listeners will not experience an autonomous sensory meridian response.
On the other hand, some people may experience an autonomous sensory meridian response to your original GTA V recording (Rhodri Marsden claims to experience ASMR from watching shopping channels).

Vocode with white-noise, then use PaulStretch, (or vice-versa: they have a different results)

Any ideas without any stretch? Think there are also car noises, gun shots, etc.

Set the “stretch factor” to “1.0” in the PaulStretch effect.

Somehow I doubt that this is likely to cause a “subjective experience of low-grade euphoria”.

On second thoughts, vocode with Brownian noise rather than white noise.
NB: Any speech will not be intelligible if the Paul Stretch time-resolution is above ~200ms.

What is the best way to this:

  • reduce high volume noises
  • amplify low volume sounds
    of a simple stereo track?
    Is there something better than Compressor?
  • reduce high volume noises
  • amplify low volume sounds

That’s pretty-much the definition of dynamic compression. :wink:

Most compressors are “downward compressors” so they make the loud parts quieter without affecting quieter sounds. In regular audio production, compression is usually followed by “make-up” gain to make “everything louder”.

Some variations are limiting which is a fast kind of compression where the peaks are “pushed down” (again typically used with make-up gain) and automatic volume control which is slower than “normal” compression.