How to make it sound like I'm screaming?

I’m making a video where I’m supposed to scream to the mic a few times. Think of it as the raspy type of scream, done for laughs and memes. Problem is, I can’t exactly raise my voice in my current location. Is there a way for me to emulate the screaming effect with just my regular voice? I’m thinking of just screaming a little, complete with the intonation, and then using Amplify. But is there a more ideal way to approach this?

Thank you so much!

I’ll go with “no”.

Buy or borrow a portable recorder, go as far away from people as possible, and record yourself scream.

If it doesn’t have to be live, why not search YT or open web for short clips of a man screaming? You were going to use Audacity to process it louder anyway.