How to make it sound a little less un-professional

Hi all,

I downloadede Audiacity for the first time a few hours ago to record some sound for a radio spot. The problem is that my microphone of course isn’t up to professional standards.

This sound that I’m recording is going on danish nation-wide radio in a little over a week, and I need some way of making it sound more professional. Audiacity comes highly recommended so I’m sure it has a million ways of making it sound less home-made.

Here’s a link to the file.

I really hope some of you have an idea of how to do it.

Thanks in advance,

aup files don’t contain any audio.

You can attach about 5 seconds of stereo WAV file to a post on this forum (1Mb max).
[or post a link to an audio file in WAV, or FLAC, or MP3 format]

Oh I wasn’t aware of that.

I’ve uploaded the entire thing to my server in wav format. Here’s a link:

What would you do to make it better?

Only a little less unprofessional …

software other than audacity would do a better job of removing the pulsating digital noise, but nothing will make an 8KHz bandwidth VOIP type recording sound like it was made using professional recording equipment.

The sound card is also poor.
Even a cheap USB microphone such as this is likely to give considerably better results:

Actually, for the future, I’d get one of these:

Here’s how it sounds ( not a company demo)