How to make everything the same volume?

Is there an easy and simple way of making the whole MP3 you are editing in Audacity the same volume? So that no part is louder or quieter than another? Is this even possible?


It is possible to even out the volume of a track by using the Compressor effect

There is also an optional third-party plug-in that does this very well:

Thanks. I found that using the built-in compressor with 10:1 ratio, 0.1 secs attack time, and unchecking “Make-up gain for 0dB after compressing” did what I wanted. It’s just that the value for “Threshold” must be played with a little for it to work.

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Just wanted to say: this thread saved so much of my time! Thanks so much for posting the solution clearly, how to get the effect that one would expect “Normalize” gives - which it doesn’t.
But your Compression advice works a treat! :stuck_out_tongue:

Normalize is not intended to reduce dynamic range.

Normalize won’t be able to make the overall song loud enough if you have a few isolated loud peaks that are almost at 0 dB. That is why you use compression.


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This way still a good option? (The post is ‘old’ 2012-2015).
Loudness is now is a better choice?
And Limiter?

I have some music files (to relax and sleep) and i need set all the files at same volume, some files are louder.

Many thanks! Have a nice weekend.

Audacity now has “loudness normalization
which when applied to each track (individually) can be used to make them similarly loud overall,
but it will not reduce the dynamic range within each track.
To reduce the dynamic range need to use compression and/or limiting.

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