How to make creepy glow effect?

Is there any way to make a creepy glow equalizer, I’m using old audacity…… The video that has the effect.

Yes there’s a way, but I doubt that even the original creator of that sound effect knows precisely how to. I sometimes do things like this myself:

  1. Record or import some audio
  2. Apply random effects until I here a weird sound that I like
  3. Export the result.

The exact result is never entirely reproducible as I don’t write down which effects, what settings, or what order the effects are applied.

Thanks, but I need a creepy glow equalizer .xml file or the image showing the equalizer for the creepy glow effect….

Given that we don’t know what the sound was like before EQ, it’s impossible to work out what EQ settings were used.

Comb filter & feedback, but an approximation is possible with vocoder …

Thanks, I put your sound in the video here:

The point was to use that sound to vocode the klasky csupo outro, (or whatever) …

So, if somebody reveals the equalizer of the creepy glow effect, I will be able to use it!

Equalization is not going to re-create the temporal-blurring, (aka ringing), but vocoding can.

Audacity comes with a vocoder, there are vocoder plugins which produce different (IMO better) effects.

No, The Creepy Glow effect came with equalizer, not vocoder

Perhaps you should tell us the whole story. What are you trying to do? What’s the purpose? Where did you get the idea to do this? Where did the sound effect in the first video come from?

I’m trying something to get the creepy glow equalizer, the purpose is the creepy glow equalizer got canceled so someone is using il vocodex instead and trying to make the equalizer come back in 2022, the idea to do this is I saw the owner of the effect using the equalizer and the equalizer is extremely hard so we need an old Audacity to make this effect, and the first video in the sound effect came from is Klasky Csupo.

several people have applied a vocoder to that outro …
https ://±collection

What is “the creepy glow equalizer”?

Actually, i have no good command to make creepy glow effect. I hope that the expert will real answer of this topic. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks I hope it’s equalizer is real

A Creepy Glow, was intellgience loudness in sounds like creepyness.
What do you like a creepy glow as intensive to make equalizer someone.

I think you are misusing the word “equalizer”.