how to make concert hall effects

before that, hi there I’m new in using audacity :slight_smile: great program though I am knowledgeable in this kind of software :frowning:

if anyone has a realtek HD audio manager(I am sure most has it) and if you set the sound effects environment to concert hall, it sounds amazing! though I can’t figure out the setting’s to get that sound :frowning:

kindly help me please , thank you in advance!

Open the Realtek HD Audio Manager and select the effect that you want from the “Sound Effects” tab.

thanks for the reply! yes I know how to do that, but How do I record it if possible in my computer? since I don’t have the hardware to record :confused:
or should I say, how to do I produce a new file that sounded just like the concert hall in the Realtec hd audio manager?

The affect you are after is reverberation and/or echo. See here:

thank you very much ! helped alot ! now I need to find the best equalization to make the sound more whole and solid :slight_smile: thanks a bunch mr.steve! :wink: