How to make audio sound terrible when screaming?

I would like to make my audio sound very terrible when screaming into a microphone, but normal when not screaming.

Audacity version: 3.1.3

…I didn’t listen to the video.

The [u]limiter[/u] set to Hard Clipping will distort the loud parts if it can be set to affect the screaming without affecting the other parts. Or you can apply limiting-clipping to just the screaming.

That might not be enough distortion so you might have to Amplify the screaming parts first. And, it’s OK to set Amplify to Allow Clipping since you want distortion.

Or there are other [u]Distortoin Effects[/u] that you can apply to the screaming.

Or there are other Distortoin Effects that you can apply to the screaming.

Distortion > Leveller multiple times is used to get that compressed, two-way radio sound.

TWA 36 Heavy clear to land Two-Five Left.

So yeah, that might be the tool collection for you.