How to make audio sound like Gameboy?

I’d like to make a Gameboy sound effect in Audacity. My Audacity version is 3.1.3, and I use Windows 10.

While it is “possible” to synthesize Gameboy type sounds in Audacity, it’s complicated and time consuming. You would need to understand how the Gameboy synthesizes sounds ( and then emulate that.

I’d guess that what you really want is some software designed to create “Chiptunes” (
Try googleing for “chiptune software”.

It was always my understanding that nintendo sounded the way it did because of the LACK of sample rate and bit depth used. I don’t know if this is what you’re asking, but I would think you can take any audio project, convert it to a low sample rate with low bit depth (8bit maybe), and it should sound like a nintendo track. I hope that helps.

It won’t. It’ll just sound like a low quality version of whatever it is. For example, if you start with a recording of a piano, it will sound like a low quality recording of a piano.

The distinctive sound of a Gameboy is because of the Gameboy’s synthesizer.