how to make audio smooth and loopable

hey guys
i’ve been working on some jet engine sounds for x-plane 11. when trying to perfect the engine sounds, the sound seems to have wind sounds and always changes, and sometimes has a click sound every loop. is there any way i can make the audio smooth, remove the wind sounds, and make the audio sound exactly the same at every time?


You can’t fix the wind noise* but if you join with a [u]crossfade[/u] you can get a smooth transition without a click.


  • If there’s a lot of low frequency (low pitch) noise you can use a high-pass filter to kill the low frequencies. Maybe try 100 or 200Hz and just experiment from there. But overall, wind noise and the sound of a jet engine both cover most of the audio frequency range. All real-world sounds cover a range frequencies and most noise covers a wide frequency range so most of the time you can’t filter-out the noise without damaging the sound you want to keep. :frowning:

You may be able to reduce or eliminate the clicking by looping at a zero-crossing point.

I hope this helps. :smiley: