How to make audio similar to UVB-76 broadcast?

I’d like to make similar audio to an UVB-76 AM radio broadcast. I’d like to make it sound like the station is being hijacked.
As an example, here’s the UVB-76 livestream:

This code, when run in the Nyquist Prompt effect ( will generate a similar buzz to your example:

;type generate

(setf base 217)       ; base frequency (Hz)
(setf dur 1.2)        ; buzz duration (seconds)
(setf level 0.8)      ; peak level (linear)
(setf filterhz 2000)  ; low pass frequency (Hz)

(defun mkwave(base)
  (setf wave (build-harmonic 1 base))
  (setf nyqhz (/ *sound-srate* 2.0))
  (do* ((i 2 (+ 1 i))
        (hz (* i base) (* i base)))
       ((>= hz nyqhz))
    (setf wave (sum wave (build-harmonic i hz))))
  (list wave (hz-to-step 1.0) t))

(setf *mytable* (mkwave base))

(let ((env (stretch dur (pwl 0.014 1 0.1 0.5 0.95 0.5 1))))
  (setf buzz (osc (hz-to-step base) 1.2 *mytable*))
  (setf buzz (mult env buzz))
  (setf buzz (lowpass8 (lowpass2 buzz  (* 1.5 base)) filterhz))
  (setf peak (peak (s-abs buzz) ny:all))
  (mult (/ level peak) buzz))

The buzz can then be mixed with some noise and repeated ( multiple times to give a result like this:

If you want retro soviet sound, there’s an app for that … (64-bit only, PC & Mac)
The free demo version of the plugin has ~2 seconds of spoiler-silence every ~40 seconds,
that’s more than sufficient for a lo-fi intro.