How to make audio output follow system setting?

I recently got a new Mac (running Monterrey 12.4, M2 chip). I never had this problem before, but now each time I plug in or unplug headphones, I have to manually change the output device, from speakers to headphones and back again.

Audacity is actually not the only program I have this problem with (though it’s not every program either), but I was told that having output independent of the system setting was an intentional feature here, which makes me hopeful that there might be a built-in way to override it. Is there?

What a PIA! :frowning: Several years ago, a Windows update did that to my computer, so I feel for you. Fortunately I was able to download a different driver that contained a solution for me. Since then, the new updates have replaced that driver, but happily it works the way you would expect it to. :smiley:

This is a good question for Apple. What do they say?

Killed an hour of my time just to say it must be an expected behavior because they couldn’t find the problem.

Perhaps there is a Mac user that wishes to chime in.

Right click the speaker icon in the taskbar and select Sound Settings · Under Advanced sound options you can find App volume and device preferences

Unfortunately, my Mac lacks a taskbar.