How to make audio more clear

Hey guys, i have this audio clip but it is not clear i was wondering what can i do to make it clear and make it sound more real and pleasing to the ear?

here is part of

Whoever did the recording was too close to the presenter or the speakers in the sound system. The sound is overloaded (see the straight lines on the bottom of the blue waves? It looks like the waves were clipped off?).

Audacity cannot recover from that.

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 11.16.07 PM.png

I tried to make the sound more gentle, but then it’s harder to understand the words.

Ok thanks man the place i was in had speakers all around and it was blasted, so i guess ill leave it in my pocket from now on.

There are ways to record work like that, but probably not with a cellphone personal recorder or other handy recorder. You need a dynamic (moving coil) microphone, attenuator, field mixer, etc. This regularly kills people taking their camcorder to a concert, too. Those almost never work.

Your show and recorder didn’t match.