How to make a voice sound older

I’ve watched videos and videos but none of them are helping me. I want my voice to sound older, but I’m a girl and all the tutorials are making my voice sound like a man. How can a make my voice sound like a woman? Any ideas? :cry:

The only way to do that without sounding like a robot, is either (a) learn to act, or (b) find someone older or someone that can act to help you. There’s no “effect” for acting.

Voice changing $oftware is available, but some acting is required …

Acting is the easiest way. Find an old woman’s voice you like and try to imitate it. Keep recording the effort. There are tricks for minor timbre change such as putting cotton in your cheeks.

I’m a male bass. I briefly did a woman’s voice strictly with acting and microphone placement.

Lauren Bacall’s voice was lower than Humphrey Bogart. Did you have any trouble telling them apart?

“You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve?”