How to make a short sound go faster and faster ?


I have a sound ( this one:!mQdxWCia!1p48A58YukgvXe-vhE6opelAR-Qhe6tFhwAy7QuKgsQ and i want to extend it during 1.262 minutes and make it going fatser and faster during 1.262 minutes. I can’t see how to do this and it’s why i’m asking for it.

Thank you.

First you need to select a part that will loop seamlessly.
Try selecting from 1.167 seconds to 2.745 seconds.
Check that it will loop without glitching by pressing Shift+Space. If necessary, zoom in ( and adjust the selection as necessary.

Once you have a selection that will loop seamlessly, use the “Repeat” effect.
Repeat it often enough that you have more than the total length that you need - as it speeds up it will become shorter.

Use the Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift effect on the entire track to gradually speed up the track.

Thank you so much you really helped me !

Ps: Sorry for if my english is bad, i’m french :confused: