how to maintain bitrate of 320 kbps - using Edit Chains

Hello again.

I recently discovered Edit Chains to modify the tone associated with my existing 320 kbps CBR MP3 files.

Due to the tone quality associated with a pair of wireless headphones capable of playing MP3 files (with microSD card inserted within), I want to adjust existing MP3 files by 1 semitone (minimum) to compensate for poor quality of these headphones (with no adjustment other than volume).

Edit Chains > ChangePitch > Percentage=5.946000000000 > Apply Chain . . . works perfectly . . . but converts existing 320 kbps CBR to 128 kbps.

After looking through the Edit Chains COMMANDS, I find no option to maintain CBR or convert to 320 kbps.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

CurlySue :slight_smile:

There are some limitations to Chains, and one is that it does not (yet) provide a way to specify the MP3 export settings.
Fortunately there is a workaround because, when exporting MP3s with Chains, the MP3 exporter will use whatever settings were used last for MP3 export. So the workaround is: Make a dummy track (can be just one second of silence, or any imported audio file) and export it as MP3 with the settings that you require. (The dummy exported file may be deleted). Now run the Chain.

If you are using a recent version of Audacity that has the MP3 settings embedded in the window, rather than an Options… button, you don’t need to export a dummy recording. Just change the MP3 settings then Cancel.


Thanks for finding my 2nd post, Steve.

Your instructions worked PERFECTLY, Steve! :mrgreen:

This problem is now RESOLVED.

Thank you.

CurlySue :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support, Gale. :smiley:

I will attempt your solution and report back later today. I should add that I was successful executing Steve’s “dummy file” suggestion (noted above).

Thanks again!

CurlySue :slight_smile:

No need to change it, unless you want to change the bit rate again. I am just saying that if the dialog looks like this:

then you don’t need the annoying step of exporting a dummy file.


Thank you for the additional support and instruction, Gale. :smiley:

CurlySue :slight_smile: