How to maintain 'bitrate' during Normalizing

I have just discovered how to use ‘chains’ under Audacity. This option is a god send. I have a question however which I was unable to find in the documentation. When using ‘chains’ how can one keep the ‘bitrate’ of the input file while ‘normalizing’ it. I have a group of ‘mp3’ files which I ripped at 232 kb/sec when I normalize them (using chains) they are reduced to 128kb/sec. My settings are ’ ApplyGain=“1” Level=“-0.100000000000” RemoveDcOffset=“1” StereoIndependent=“0” '. I do not know what or if I can add a parameter which would maintain the ‘bitrate’. It it possible?

ExportMP3 in a Chain will use whatever MP3 settings you used last.
To make the Chain export with specific MP3 settings, create a short audio track and export it with the desired settings, then run the Chain.

By the way, 232 kbps is not a standard bit rate for MP3.

Thank you. I will try that. The 'mp3’s I examined in EasyTag and found that it said as shown in attached picture. I appreciate your post.

The squiggle (tilde) before the number 232 means “about / approximately”, which makes sense if it is encoded with variable bit-rate (VBR).

I have chosen the following settings but I do not understand exactly what they do. ApplyGain=“1” Level=“-0.100000000000” RemoveDcOffset=“1” StereoIndependent=“0” I think I understand the last one in that the Stereo Channels are normalized together and not separately. The others I would like to know more about. Thanks…

Those are just the available settings in the Normalize effect. They are described in the manual here:

Got it. Thanks for all of you assistance. I will mark this Solved.