How to lower the volume [SOLVED]


I don’t know how to lower the volume of a song.
Specifically, there is a song whose volume is way to higher than the previous one played so I need to lower its volume while mixing.

Do I have to use an effect?

I decided to use the Gain control on the left side but I don’t find it useful.

Thank you,

Try the “Amplify” effect. Amplifying by a negative amount will reduce the level.

Thank you steve but apparently it doesn’t work.
I select the song, go to Amplify effect and the Amplification (db) is already set up: 23.24.
If I try to move the cursor on a negative level it literally amplifies the volume (it doesn’t lower it!).
I’ve tried in the range from -1 to -10!
Am I missing something?

Ensure that you have a negative number in the top box: “Amplification (dB)”

ok, it works
thanks again