How to livre monitoring?

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I didn’t find how to live monitoring while recording the mic or line, can I use Audacity to “transform” the PC on an amplifier ? :wink:

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Audacity has “Software Playthrough” that will route the input signal through to the output while recording (Transport menu > Transport options), but note that software playthrough is relatively slow, so there will be a noticeable delay (typically around half a second).

What he said, so you can’t use it for live music. You can do if you have a microphone or interface with a Direct Monitor feature. In that case you plug the amp into the interface or microphone.

Audacity Playthrough can still be valuable if you’re being recording engineer to somebody else’s performance. Listen to that as a confidence check. That and the bouncing sound meter and blue waves are a pretty good guarantee that Audacity got the performance OK and recorded it.

You can still have computer problems such as snaps and pops or tiny places with missing sound. But Audacity can’t fix that. That’s between you and the computer.


Thanks a lot guys.
Oh yes, I had to ask my question more precisly: How to live monitoring a USB entry (ex: ezCap) ?
Do I have to reask my question ?

ezCap make a large range of devices.

If a device provides direct monitoring (independent of any computer connection) then it is best to use that. If this option is available, it should be in the devices’ user manual.

If the device does not support direct monitoring, then you can use “Software Playthrough” (in “Transport menu > Transport options”) to route Audacity’s input to Audacity’s output. The disadvantage of using Software Playthrough is that it is much slower than a wired connection - typically there’s about half a second delay between the sound going in and the sound coming out again.

Software Playthrough is only active when recording or monitoring. To enable monitoring, click on the Recording meter.