How to limiter below -10?

Hey guys! :smiley:

Im not a PRO, I’m more of a noob. :smiley:

My case is messy.
I have one music, with effects. rain, birds, waterfalls.
I listen to sleep every day. (I have severe problems to sleep and i live in a noisy place (dont have money for a better one), this sound fix my problem! Amazing huh?) So i use this music in loop as ‘background noise’ to sleep.

I apply loudness -23, to have the music more steady.

But sadly remains some PEAK at -2 dB! And testing (Sleeping LOL) every time i get more -11 dB i wake up a bit.
I need use the Limiter in -11 dB.

I feel in doing something wrong, and need this help.

Thanks for support. Audacity is amazing! :wink:


New limiter plugin goes down to -30dB …


Installed and running smooth.

Have a nice week. :smiley: