How to launch audacity

I got a new computer, I’m running Ubuntu 21.10.

I installed Audacity 3.0.5.

I am unable to find how to open audacity, now that it’s installed.

How did you do that?

Usually you would launch Audacity the same way as any other app. Exactly how to do that depends on which Desktop you are using. By default, Ubuntu uses Gnome Desktop - see:

I opened the ubuntu software page, and installed it from there. If I recall correctly.

This new computer is giving me grief in other ways also.

Is there a suggestion on how to go about this?

Uninstall it, and start over from the audacity download page?

The version distributed by Audacity does not need to be installed.It’s an “AppImage” and you just need to make it executable, which you can do by right clicking on the AppImage file, then select “Properties”, and on the “Permissions” tab, click “Allow this file to run as a program”. You will then be able to launch Audacity by double clicking on the AppImage.

Thanks for the reply.

I got to the part where you click on Allow Executing File As Program.

When I click on it, nothing happens.

Okay, I am able to open Audacity.

When I open downloads to pick a file, I cannot scroll through downloads.

I can only see a partial list.

I am currently having a separate issue from Audacity, where I cannot type text into some fields.

This seems unlikely to be related to the scrolling downloads.

I’m going to call the computer shop tomorrow, as this computer is new to me.

Okay, I am able to open Audacity, and I found that I need to drag a file from downloads. As opposed to using file>open> and grabbing files that way.

This new version of Audacity has me going through the side door, so to speak.

Thanks for your help, and patience!!

You say this is a new installation of Ubuntu 21.10 … do other programs work OK? I ask, because “I cannot type text into some fields.” and “I cannot scroll through downloads.” sound like issues with the OS (display drivers and/or keyboard/mouse drivers) not with Audacity.