How to label recorded selections that run together?

I am using Audacity to transfer some LPs to digital format. I regularly use the labels to export the songs to WAV files using the export multiple function. My problem is with songs that do not have a distinct ending, such as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album. Is there a way to label tracks that run together so that I can find them on my CD player, but record the entire side of an album as one WAV file so that if I choose to play it in its entirety, there is no pause between the tracks?



Your usual method should work but you’ll have to decide where you want the track-changes. If you get added-gaps, try a different burning application.

Personally, I just export one-long WAV file, then I use a [u]cue sheet[/u] to set the track markers, and I burn with a burning application that supports cue sheets.

You can make/edit a cue sheet with Windows Notepad, so I usually start with a known-good cue sheet and edit it. (If you are not using CD TEXT you can leave-out the title & performer.)

I burn with ImgBurn.

…But with Pink Floyd the CD is available so I bought it. :wink: