How to keep the vocal but remove background music from it?

Hello please help me out I need to sort it out. I have small audio file with a sentence in it however on it there is a quiet background music but I need to get rid of it. How to remove music but keep the vocal. I found Vocal Remover is there something like it but MUSIC remover? thanks there is also noise reduction effect but that doesn’t help cos the vocal and the music is on the same line. Please anyone help. Thanks!

No, it doesn’t work backwards, and many times it has trouble working forward, too. Most music has problems with Vocal Removal and there are no tools for Vocal Isolation which is what you want.

There are tools (not in Audacity) that claim to be able to manage voices and music in a stereo show, but their product is almost always poorer quality show that you started with – frequently damaging the show beyond repair.

Leaving the TV running quietly in the background is one of the guaranteed ways to kill a show (#4)

The four horsemen of audio recording:

– Echoes and room reverberation
– Overload and Clipping
– Compression Damage
– Background Conversations

–Voice Trap (Vocal Isolation)
–Extra Boy

There is a tool from Steve (I think) that suppresses sounds that are quieter than a certain volume. I didn’t bring it forward last time I reinstalled Audacity and I can’t remember what it’s called. I think it’s on another computer. That’s not going to work either, but it’s worth a shot.


Here it is:


Dzięki:), I guess you are right it’s just i’ve seen few youtube fan music videos where there were voices but no background music so I though it’s possible.