How to keep original file sample rate when using a high pass filter macro?

Hi! I have followed several helpful tutorials about how to create a new macro in Audacity that allows me to batch apply a high pass filter to .wav files. The steps I’ve taken are:

  1. Open Audacity
  2. Click on Tools > Macro Manager
  3. Click “New”
  4. Insert “High-Pass Filter” with the frequency and roll-off I want
  5. Insert “Export as Wav”

I am able to run this on batches of files and it works well! But what I’ve found is that in Audacity version 3.4.2, the sample rate of the new, high-pass filtered files becomes the “Project Sample Rate” (as specified in Edit > Preferences > Audio Settings). What I would much prefer is for the sample rate of the new file to be the same as the sample rate of the the original file. It’s odd, because that is how the macro works if you use an earlier version of Audacity: my friend tested it using Audacity version 2.4.2, and it seems like the default approach there is for the new SR to be the same as the old SR. Is there a way to make this the case in my version of Audacity as well? Perhaps by adding another step to the macro that essentially says “take the SR of the original file”? I haven’t been able to find a solution yet other than manually changing the default SR under preferences. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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