How to isolate the bassline, melody ,etc.?

I’m trying to isolate the bassline, melody, and sound effects from the 1963 and 1967 versions of the Doctor Who theme into separate components. Could you guys help me find the best way to do this?
For reference of the theme: 1963 version: ( 1967 version: (

Audacity can’t be used to split apart a mixed performance or show into individual voices, instruments, or sounds.

It’s a popular request.


Hi Kozikowski, is there any program/software I can use to do this?

I don’t know of one. Someone else may post.


There are some new AI tools available for Audacity on Windows.

One of them is:

Music Separation can split a song into either it’s vocal and instrumental parts, or into vocals, drums, bass and a combined “anything else” part. This is ideal for creating covers and playalongs.

On Windows.


They also have Linux build instructions. Maybe a Mac developer could port it to MacOS.

iZotope RX Advanced