How to install version 2.3.3

I want to roll back to the previous version 2.3.3
ОS Linux Ubuntu Studio 16.04.6 LTS 64 bit
How to do it? Without bugs and other things?

To revert to the official Ubuntu Studio repository version of Audacity:

  1. Completely remove Audacity.
  2. Remove any PPAs that have Audacity from your sources.
  3. Refresh the package list (sudo apt update)
  4. Reinstall Audacity (sudo apt install audacity)

The official version for Ubuntu 16.04 is Audacity 2.1.2-1.
I don’t know if Ubuntu Studio 16.04 has a later version as the relevant page of the Ubuntu Studio documentation is outdated.

Why version 2.3.3 is not installed. ? Prior to the update, version 2.3.3 was stable and worked.

Where was that version from? Was it in the Ubuntu Studio repository, or was it from a PPA? If it was from a PPA, which PPA?

Versions were updated by default. And the penultimate version was 2.3.3.

Open a “Terminal” window, and enter this command:

cp /etc/apt/sources.list ~/sources.txt

(Note the squiggle character at the start of “~/sources”)

This will copy your list of software sources to your home directory as “sources.txt”.
Attach the “sources.txt” file to your reply. (see:

Can you further describe the installation process?

The standard, and recommended way to install software in Debian based distributions, is to install from the official repositories.

There’s a lot of “advice” on the Internet that recommend using PPAs, but much of that advice fails to mention the disadvantages of PPAs:

  • Security: To what extent do you trust the PPA maintainer? By enabling a PPA you are effectively giving the PPA maintainer access to the core of your operating system.
  • Stability: Software packages provided by PPAs is often untested prior to being made public.
  • Support: Typically there is no end user support provided by the PPA.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility testing of PPA software is often minimal or non-existent.

In short, if there’s a problem with a PPA package, then you’re pretty much on your own to fix it.

Once you have uninstalled Audacity, and removed or disabled the PPA, then installing the official repository version of Audacity can be done from a Terminal window with these commands (and follow the on-screen prompts):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install audacity

It didn’t work out. In this way, I installed the 2.4.1 package and version 2.3.3 did not install.

I can’t offer any more help without seeing what’s in your system’s sources.list.

How do you show it?

I posted step by step instructions here:

I already tried this option, anyway version 2.3.3 is not installed. Specify version during installation?


Another possibility is that the PPA is recorded in its own file under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. It might appear as a file named like the-repository-name.list.

If you remove that file and refresh the APT cache you should be able to install your distribution’s default version of Audacity.