How to Install TDR Nova into Audacity (Windows)

Since I’m new to doing anything with a computer other than surfing the internet and email (I’m more of an outdoor person :grin:), I need someone to (slow like) walk me through the steps of installing the TDR Nova plugin into Audacity.

I need eq capabilities that go beyond what Audacity offers. I’m trying to isolate bass parts in songs in order to learn those bass parts by ear.
(If there are other free plugins that might be better for my needed application, please share)

Please keep in mind, I’m really ignorant to alot of technical terms/procedures and navigating my way around with this stuff. Not quite an idiot, but close :grin: :crazy_face:. (It’s always good to keep ones sense of humor at hand :+1:)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Download “TDR Nova (installer).zip”, (the free version, not the “GE” ver$ion).
Unzip that zip file to extract “TDR Nova - setup.exe.”
Double click on the extracted “TDR Nova - setup.exe” to install TDR Nova.
[can install all the components offered, but probably you will only need 64-bit VST3 version].
Then start Audacity. A window with “TDR Nova” will momentarily appear.
In Audcaity3 “TDR Nova” should appear as a VST3 realtime effect menu.

TDR Nova has a steep low-pass filter which can be used to isolate the bass …
TDR Nova (Tokyo Dawn Labs)


Thanks so much for that :+1: :grey_exclamation:

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