How to install so it uses proper temp space?

I have windows 10 set to use my D drive for temp space and everything else and have for ages however audacity keeps using the C drive and filling it up (it’s small and also a flash drive which I don’t want written on constantly!). I had audacity installed on my D drive. I tried changing the temp space for audacity because I kept getting space warnings in windows but then it looks for a config file on startup and crashes every time so I just uninstalled it.

Not 100% sure if this is an audacity or windows problem or both, but I would think you should be able to just set the temp location to a new area in audacity successfully either way without ruining the installation. Not 100% sure which version I was using but it was installed last week so probably the latest version.

You can download the latest 3.1.3 version from here:

In 3.1.3, you can set Audacity’s Default Directories via Edit > Preferences > Directories. There you can set the Default Open, Save, Import, Export, and Macros directories as well as Audacity’s Temporary files directory location.