How to install plugins on linux/ubuntu

first up, sorry. i know it’s probably in the wrong section and a dumb question but this is all I have.
i would like to add the real time compressor plugin on audacity using the ubuntu system. i have looked and the instructions make zero sense to me. I’ve also been asking chatgpt for help but that also proved fruitless. I’m feeling rather retarded so go easy if you have time. i just want to install a realtime compressor into audacity.
I’m on this page “Plugin Suites - Audacity Plugins” I somehow managed to dl the muse .deb file but didn’t know what to do with it. i was adding all sorts of code to terminal but nothing worked. i don’t get terminal even after using it for years on and off. just doesn’t suit my brain. i guess I’m discovering I’m actually rather dumb. sad at 50. anyway, if anyone could help, it’d be much appreciated.

Windows guy here. I believe the process on Windows and Linux are very similar. So I am not sure what your .deb file is. For me, I downloaded Muse Hub, then ran MuseHub then Effect, Compress Get. After MuseHub installed “Compress” I started Audacity, which located and attached to Compress, which I could verify by seeing “Compress” in the Effects Menu. Note that this is a different item that Compressor which is also in the menu. (Both of them are also listed under Tools > Plugin Manager).

To run it as a real-time effect on a particular track, click Effects at the left end of the track, then Add Effect, then VST3, then Compress. Then click on your Compress effect, click Play and adjust the plugin by moving the cursor up and down.

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