How to install manual

Hi All,
I have been an old time windows audacity user, and now I am making the transition to linux mint. I have successfully installed the application from the Software Manager, but I cannot seem to get the manual to install locally.
Any help would be appreciated.
Stay well my friends!

It’s a bit awkward. You have to download the appropriate version of the manual:
Then unzip it into the correct location. (See:
If Audacity can’t find the local manual, check that it is in the correct place.

On my machine, the manual’s “index.html” file is located:

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the information. I have successfully installed the manual.
My next question has to do with installing the manual from the terminal. I am actually trying to automate the install of audacity and the manual. I can manually install the manual, but I have not been able to figure out how to automate this.
My main stumbling block is I can’t download the manual from the terminal. I can download it from the link on the webpage, but I can’t seem to figure out how to automate the download process.
Thanks for the prompt response, and stay well!

Assuming the manual is downloaded to your Desktop, something like:

sudo unzip ~/Desktop/ -d /usr/share/audacity/

For a self-build version, it should be something like:

sudo unzip ~/Desktop/ -d /usr/local/share/audacity/

Hi steve,
Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Once I have the .zip file downloaded I can install the manual. What I can’t figure out is how to download the .zip file from the terminal. I tried using wget, but I couldn’t figure out the exact url to use, if this is possible.
Thanks again for your time.

You would need to get it from GitHub as Fosshub does not allow automated downloads.
Only the latest version of the manual is available for download from GitHub. For older versions you would need to build the manual yourself using the shell script “”. See:

Perhaps you could write to the Mint maintainers and suggest that they package the Audacity manual and make it a dependency (or at least a “recommend”) of their Audacity package.

Hi steve,
Thanks for the info. I am teleworking right now, and I will continue this quest later.
I will post my progress later today.Thanks again and stay well.

Hi steve,
Thanks for your guidance!
I have now successfully downloaded and installed the audacity manual from the terminal command line.
Regards and stay well!