How to install help manual?

I’m using Linux Kubuntu 14.04 (and will soon be installing 18.04), running Audacity 2.0.5, installed by using the apt-get service. I found the software’s interface sufficiently intuitive for a couple of small audio-editing jobs I had, but now I want to learn more of Audacity’s capabilities for recording from live source. I would like to have the Help and Manual files on my local disk, for use when I may not have Internet access.

The installation apparently did not include the Help and User Manual files, so I downloaded the zip files from, then tried to install the files according to the directions on However, I am still getting an error message when I try to open the manual from Audacity’s menubar. The error message tells me “You do not appear to have the ‘help’ folder installed.”

I have unzipped the files into /usr/share/audacity/audacity-manual/2.3.0/ as the instructions appear to require. Am I misreading or are there steps I’ve failed to intuit?

You can get the 2.0.5 manual from here:
The instructions should work for that version.