How to install GSnap

I’ve been trying to install gsnp to my effects menu but the problem is there is no “plugins file” to copy or drag the gsnap dll file to in my “programs file 86” or “program files” folder and I don’t know how to add one. I’m running audacity 2.0.5. Any ideas? Gary

I started a new topic for you as this is a different problem.

Audacity would not see GSnap in “Program Files (x86)plugins” even if you created that folder.

Just drag the file into the “Plug-Ins” folder where you have Audacity installed, then enable the box in Effects Preferences to rescan for VST plugins and restart Audacity.

Please see here for more information: Audacity Manual.


I’ve done everything according to instruction, the plugins appear in the “preference and effects”, I selected the “select all and OK” option, checked “rescan” and rebooted audacity and still no gsnap in the effects column. why!why!why! I’m on windows 7.

No named plugins appear in “preference and effects” in Audacity made by us. There is no such dialogue. You can get 2.0.6 made by us here: Audacity ® | Download for Windows.

We don’t have a “Select all and OK” option. You’ll either need to use 2.0.6 from the link above or ask the person who provided you with your customised Audacity 2.0.5 version.

If and when you get 2.0.6 from us, GSnap will appear in the lower part of the Effect Menu, underneath the divider. Make sure you get the 32-bit version of GSnap:


if I replace 2.0.5 with 2.0.6, can I transfer my recordings, which are still a work in progress, to the 2.0.6 version?

We can’t tell you what your customised version of 2.0.5 will do. If you were using 2.0.5 supplied by us, you could export WAV from 2.0.5 and import the WAV into 2.0.6, or save an Audacity project in 2.0.5 and it would open in 2.0.6.

The GSnap problem is very likely that you got its 64-bit version. Audacity (made by us) only sees 32-bit VST plugins.