How to instal and use rnnoise plugin

I have downloaded the zip file of win- rnnoise for audacity plugin from the github page but i cant seem to find any instructions on how to install it or where in audacity to look for it to make sure it gas been installed.
Ive copied rnnoise.vst3 to c:/program files/audacity/plug-ins and restarted audacity but i cant find any reference to rnnoise anywhere in manage plugins.
Im new to aĺ this and dont know much about it yet. Ive got audacity 3.4.2 running on windows 10.

I’m on Linux. I followed the instructions here: Installing plugins - Audacity Support and the VST (Linux) version of rnnoise works for me.
(The LV2 version for Linux did not work in Audacity, though it did work in other audio apps.)

I am not very impressed with rnnoise. It worked better than Audacity’s Noise Reduction in a few cases, but in most cases Audacity’s Noise Reduction was as good or better than rnnoise. I’d say that rnnnoise is probably a bit easier to use. I mostly found myself using the default settings in rnnoise, whereas Audacity’s Noise Reduction usually requires a bit of experimentation and tweaking to get the best results. I found that rnnoise tends to be better when dealing with noisy environments, whereas Audacity’s Noise Reduction tends to be better with constant noise such as tape hiss.

I eventually sussed it. Thanks for your help.

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